Saturday, March 14, 2009

Shaws' Contribution to the Fattening of Boston

While I realize that one doesn't need to purchase the full quantity to receive the discounted price per unit, does anybody seriously need 10 boxes of Cheez-Its?


Anonymous said...

First word come to my mind is OctoMom!!! She definitely could need that many to feed all her kids!

Rob said...

Most of the time when they have deals like these you're not REQUIRED to buy 10 of the items. They'll give you the discount on one item if you have the store's discount card.

For this though - I think it is a Keebler/Kellogg's partnership because we had the same price down here at Acme in NJ. You had to buy 10 of any qualifying items to get the price - but the selection was big. So the wife had me get 2 boxes of cereal, 1 of cheese its, 1 of crackers, etc.... So the sign may just be signifying it's part of the 10/$25 deal that ALL the items are in.