Sunday, April 19, 2009

Beer Summit

Night of weekend drinking #1 - Beer Summit on Friday night. I love craft beer festivals. Tons of microbrews on draft, happy patrons, increasingly incoherent conversation. Here is a video of me panning the crowd - far more appropriate for a PG blog than some of the videos taken at the end of the evening, starring some of my foul-mouthed friends.

Besides the beer, I found a booth serving cracker spreads. My liquid courage caused me to ask for the hottest spread, and the habanero chutney that was handed to me could not have been a worse idea than it actually was. Without a glass of milk in sight, I started sweating profusely, and had a mouth on fire for the better part of 15 minutes. Never again with the habaneros.

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Anonymous said...

lol Captain Adorable has his mouth on fire!! This remind me the time that my friends mixed some dried super spicy jalapeno peppers in my trail mix.... not only my mouth burned like hell after I ate a handful, but the worst part was when it came out... I thought I was giving birth to a fire baby!