Friday, May 29, 2009

London Motorcycles

London Motorcycles, originally uploaded by southiejason.

It has been a very fun few months of trips and vacations. I just checked the distance between my farthest two points - London and Princeville in Kaua'i, and they appear to be 7,202 miles apart.

It's still pretty amazing how Reykjavik and almost all of Europe are closer to Boston than Hawaii is. Being in the middle of the Pacific Ocean on American soil was far less of a culture shock than the closer locations of anywhere I have visited in Europe.

Suffice to say, I have an insane amount of photos to review, tag, post, share, and categorize. While they're not all perfect, there are many good ones.

About this photo - I had a few hours to kill in London one afternoon while my friend was with her personal trainer, and I wandered around Kensington. I loved the simplicity of these motorcycles, lined up, owners elsewhere. For a more interesting perspective, I crouched down for a street-level view of the license plates.

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Anonymous said...

I want one of those for summer time! It's amazing how they all park so close and neat and facing the same direction together. Unlike in U.S., people in here seem to be a bit more sloppy and messy and less proper than in England.