Sunday, June 14, 2009

Butterfly Splatter

I took a quick trip to Foxwoods with Tye for some poker, and we both managed to have very good days at the tables. Thankfully, we did not play at the same one, as I basically ran my table, and Tye did the same at his. I'm glad we didn't find ourselves bumping up against one another in large pots.

During the drive back, we're both an great moods given our day and the fact that the sun had finally emerged after hiding for the past four or five days behind rain, clouds, and 58 degree temperatures here in June.

The mood changed - temporarily - when a beautiful yellow butterfly met its untimely death, victim of a windshield splatter. Somehow it found its way caught in my windshield wiper.

Tye opened the window to lift the wiper and let the wind carry the butterfly carcass into the highway graveyard that many insects, squirrels, birds, deer, and armadillos find themselves in every day.

It made me wonder - do bugs feel pain and emotion? I would imagine that feeling emotion requires some thought processes more complex and incomprehensible to the simple brains of insects.

Regardless, I waited a while before flashing my wipers. I have always found it better to let bug innards dry first before smearing them across my windshield.


Anonymous said...

Ewww, just the word butterfly alone can give me the chills!!! Especially the bright color one like this! I probably would scream like a little kid if it smashed into my windshield.

Kathy said...


If the butterfly did feel pain, it was quick and he didn't suffer. : (