Sunday, June 07, 2009

My New Bodum French Press Coffee Maker

I have been checking out French Presses for a while now, and finally purchased this Bodum model on Friday. Stylish and fashionable, I'd leave this model on my counter any day.

I think I've found the contraptions to be interesting little devices, and wondered what the coffee would taste like after this type of brew.

After a few cups brewed in the French Press, I can say that the flavor seems to be more robust than what my Krups automatic drip machine generates with the same amount of coffee grinds. I'm also liking the temperature of the coffee, as boiling the water separately on the stove makes a much warmer cup than the drip machine spits out.

It's still all about the quality of the beans. I'm still working with a few packages of Kona and Kauai Coffee that I brought back from Hawaii, and mixing them on occasion with the Starbucks grounds that I bought a few weeks ago. The flavor isn't acidic at all, and I'm even able to drink it without adding half and half.

My next step is a coffee grinder and purchasing whole coffee beans. I'll get around to that...someday.


Anonymous said...

I personally would still prefer my Krups machince more, less cleaning after..... =)

The Fuz said...

Mmmmmmm....Kona coffee.