Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Cardio and Softball

I had a great day of activity yesterday - 70 minutes of cardio at the gym, followed by a 2-for-3 day at our final softball game, where we clinched second place under the lights and amid the gnats of Boston Common.

Surprisingly, I ended up batting .467 during league play and .500 in the 7 games of the Philly tournament. Actually, after my 1-for-5 start during my first two games, I hit .513. Granted it's softball, and averages are usually inflated a bit in recreation leagues, but I'm happy to see that I contributed and that my high school batting gloves still have hits in them.

I love the aerobic equipment at the gym because it allows for exercise in a comfortably heated or air conditioned environment and doesn't kill my knees. I'm pretty amazed how the simple entertainment of an ipod, magazines, and iphone apps can keep me entertained at the gym for so long. Usually after 30 minutes on the elliptical machine, my feet start becoming a bit numb and I switch over to the exercise bike for another half hour, all while playing games such as Peggle, Bejeweled, and Bookworm - all incredibly addictive. Somehow yesterday, I stuck with the elliptical for 45 minutes because I was engrossed in a GQ article. Figures.

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The Fuz said...

Sadly, my motion sickness is so bad, that I can't read on any sort of cardio machine. I just have to pray the music keeps me occupied!