Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Casey Kasem - Retiring from the Radio

I just read the news that after 39 years on the radio, this Saturday's broadcast will be Casey Kasem's final countdown.

This news is probably going to be missed by many, given the Michael Jackson coverage.

Back in 2004, Casey switched from hosting American Top 40 to the more adult-oriented Top 20 and Top 10 versions of the countdown, as Ryan Seacrest assumed hosting duties of the Top 40 flagship.

That's the same year I met Casey at Clear Channel's programming meetings held annually back when they actually had money. I believe they were held in Dallas that year, and think I was flying in from a project in Minneapolis or Milwaukee (I'm pretty sure it was Milwaukee). Back in my Airworld days, many cities and hotels blended together in my mind.

I distinctly remember hearing from my co-worker that there were going to be celebrities at the cocktail parties and performance sessions. I had been eyeing a Sony DSC-T1 super-flat 5 megapixel camera, and purchased it on impulse on the way to the airport. That camera actually resuscitated my interest in photography, so Casey Kasem is partially to thank for that.

According to its file name, this photo was the 34th picture ever taken with my DSC-T1, which has since kicked the bucket and been replaced by a fancier DSLR.

During our brief moments together, I mentioned to Casey that I lived in Boston. I believe he said that his daughter attended or was attending BU. I forget which it was - I think I was transfixed by the bronze color of his face.

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Kathy said...

I missed the news that he was retiring...good for him! I used to listen to him all the time when was younger.

Cool photo.

: )