Thursday, July 30, 2009

The Hen House - Newmarket Square in Boston

Props to a kinda hidden restaurant near Newmarket Square.

The Hen House

I think they have been open for over a year now, and it's my new guilty pleasure when I want to indulge in an entirely unnecessary meal of fried chicken and a delicious cornbread waffle.

Ironically enough, I went there for a late lunch after my workout, where today I weighed in 24 pounds lower than I was when I started my diet on Feb 1st.

What better way to celebrate weight loss with fried chicken and waffles?!

I have been there three or four times, and the place is always empty, which makes me concerned for their business. It has nothing to do with the food - it's delicious. Amazing breading on the fried chicken, a great selections of dipping sauces, and to-die-for freshly made waffles with whipped butter and syrup. So good. So bad for you...but so good.

I think their location isn't front-and-center, and there's very little parking in the vicinity.

Eating at the restaurant is a better idea than bringing it home, as the one time I had takeout, the waffle was a bit soggy by the time I feasted, probably a result of the heat having nowhere to escape.

I'm sure there are better fried chicken places hidden throughout the city, and joints that serve better collard greens and mac & cheese, but The Hen House does an admirable job with their speciality - fried chicken and waffle.

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I love fried chicken.