Monday, July 20, 2009

Veto List - Hood Half & Half

What a way to start out a week. Monday morning, coffee brewing in the french press, checking email while waiting for it to brew, anticipating the caffeine rush of that first cup.

After pressing the plunger and pouring the delicious concoction into my mug, I added some half & half. As it hit the coffee, I noticed tiny splashes, swirls, and bubbles as the cream and coffee became homogeneous. I looked away for a moment to continue reading a message.

When I took a glance back at my coffee mug, I noticed a layer of curdled cream atop the now-ruined perfect cup.


I checked the expiration date for the half & half - August 25th. Over a month away.

I gave it the sniff test...and it failed.

What gives? This stinks. Literally.

The last time this happened, my friend recommended that I purchase organic dairy products. I was a bit hesitant at the slightly higher price tab, but I bought a quart of organic milk that - no joke - stayed fresh until a few days after expiration.

For this reason, Hood milk and cream (or technically, HP Hood LLC's milk and cream) is officially the first non-restaurant on the Veto List. Originally, I thought to veto the entire dairy, but realized that I love their cottage cheese and have never had issue with it.


laura228 said...

Must be all that milk that Hood's is buying from nasty factory farms with 5,000-7,000 cows each. They've been canceling contracts with family farms across the country in favor of factory farms that can produce the milk cheaper, but I think they're starting to see that they're ending up with an inferior product. I don't buy Hood's anymore. I want to buy from a company that supports family farms.

Josh said...

This veto may be a little extravagant. You do not know if it was spoiled when it left the Hood factory (in which it would be Hood's fault) or if it was the fault of the distributor (Stop and Shop). Perhaps you should consider home delivery of dairy products from Crescent Ridge Farms (although the city of Boston appears to be omitted from the delivery map, while Brookline and Cambridge do appear)

Josh said...


One of the only things I miss about living in Rhode Island is their Rhody Fresh milk. It is a coop of Rhode Island farms that distribute the Rhody Fresh milk.