Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Copley Square Skyline at Sunset

On Friday, I was invited onto a Boston Harbor cruise for my friend Andy's 30th birthday. We boarded the Boston Belle out of Marina Bay in Quincy for a three hour private excursion that took us into a number of the wharfs along the Boston waterfront.

The weather was perfect for the boat ride - not too hot, cold, humid, windy, or anything else - simply perfect!

I'm always snapping photos whenever I board a boat, fully aware that keeping the shots in focus is not always the simplest of tasks depending on the calmness of the water and the speed that which we are traveling. As the darkness approaches, it becomes even more difficult to remain in focus, even with my image stabilizing lens.

I grabbed a few cool shots nonetheless. This sailboat was practically inviting me to photograph it, especially with the beautiful sunset and city skyline in the distance.

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Anonymous said...

I always love to see the sunset lighting, very warm and calming. I kind of like the silhoutte of the city skyline in the background in contrast with the sky.