Sunday, August 23, 2009

New Vodka Drink - Absolut Boston

Last week, I was chatting with a friend at a watering hole here in Southie, and noticed a bottle of "Absolut Boston" vodka on the first row behind the bar.

Naturally, this intrigued me. I seem to recall having seen Absolut Los Angeles recently, and was thinking that they released another city version of their spirits (which turned out to be Absolut New Orleans after I researched it). Ruling out the potential creativity of this particular establishment in painting its own vodka bottle with the name of our fair city, I started thinking....

Did Absolut release a number of local "city bottles," all containing regular vodka?
Is this a new flavor?
Is this only available in Boston?
When did this come out?
Why have I never seen this before?

I asked the bartender, who showed me the bottle. Indeed, Absolut Boston is a unique flavor - Black Tea and Elderflower. Interesting combination to represent Boston. He told me that his distributor said this was a limited release to only 1,000 bottles (which I now doubt that it was limited to 1,000 bottles, as I subsequently bought a bottle myself at Liquor Land for $28, where another 10 bottles sat behind it, and I'm pretty confident that this particular store did not possess 1% of all production.)

According to the brochure, Absolut will donate $50,000 of the profits to The Charles River Conservancy to support the renewal efforts of parklands, which is kinda cool.

So I broke open the bottle yesterday afternoon, and mixed some with tonic and a lemon wedge. The flavor is definitely fruity and refreshing - not bad! I'm going to have to try a few more of their suggestions, such as the Absolut Boston Home Run (with white grape juice and ginger ale) or the Absolut Boston and cola.

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Jolee said...

Skip the white grape and just do diet ginger ale-- it's delicious!