Monday, November 16, 2009

Goodbye 18-34

Today is my final day as a coveted member of the 18-34 demographic.

In a few hours, I will no longer be significant to Spike TV, WWE, and Amp Energy Drink. Single-player shooting games should no longer be on my radar screen. I will no longer count toward the targeted ratings of many TV shows.

I entered this demographic many years ago, while still in college. Sophomore year, to be specific. I was likely suffering through Immunology and Organic Chemistry lectures during my highly misguided third semester as a pre-med student.

Overnight, I'm in the same 35-64 demo as my parents. While 25-54 is more highly cited, 35-64 ratings are published. Theoretically, I'm supposed to enjoy smooth jazz and oldies radio far more tomorrow than I did today. I suppose a cutoff is necessary, and I have reached it.

I just don't feel my age. Not physically, not mentally. Minus some grey hair, I don't look it either. That's not boastful - that's a vast majority of people who guess my age guess incorrectly. Most of my social circles these days include younger folk. Perhaps that keeps me from aging.

I'm at the tail end of Generation X - a bunch of apparent slackers who fueled the Internet boom (and bust). It's the group that I identify with more than any 18-34, 25-54, or 35-64 label. Early MTV, 80's music, and grunge rock - that's me.

Last night, Mike reminded me that on Wednesday, I will officially be closer to 40 than I will be to 30. Thanks for the reminder.


Dennis said...

awww -- it's not the end of the world J!

Angela said...

Happy Birthday. You could also live life like my 38-year-old boyfriend: act like you're 12. :)