Saturday, October 21, 2006

Confrontation Rocks

Two weeks ago in Arlington, Virginia, I was a justified smart ass to somebody who chose to cut the registration line at my hotel (a semi-rare appearance at a Starwood property) while I, with a full bladder needing to get to my soon-to-be bedroom’s bathroom, was trying to check in for my 7 hour check-in-to-check-out stay.

The exchange:

Me (said with confused anger) – “Um, the line is behind the two of us.”

Impatient Stranger (shocked he has been called out) – “I am just trying to pick something up.”

Me (justified smart assly) – “And I’m just trying to check in.”


Me – “That’s nice. I know how to wait in line down here in the lobby.”

I.S. (while furious and walking away) – “YOU MUST BE A REALLY IMPORTANT PERSON.”

Me (thinking, unfortunately not spoken) – “Wow, he knows!”

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meg said...

those are the WORST kind of people.