Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Libation Liberation

The spend-down of Continental miles continues with my current journey to Las Vegas.

In July, I cashed in 100,000 miles for a First Class ticket EWR-GTW (London-Gatwick, where Continental has quite an operation!) as part of my journey to Croatia. British Airways is not a Continental partner, and using miles for that entire trip was too difficult, so I had to purchase the London to Croatia roundtrip.

This trip is another 50,000 miles, this time in Coach. Two full flights, Boston to Cleveland to Las Vegas. Even with this trip, I'm still hanging out in the 450k miles area.

On board, it occurred to me that my mile spend-down should also include my many free drink tickets I carry in my Airworld wallet (the billfold I carry separately, filled with cards that illustrate to citizens of Airworld how important the airlines and hotels have deemed me).

It was a Sunday around brunch time, I was off on Monday, I’m flying to Vegas. No brainer. Give me a Bloody Mary. Actually, why don’t you make it 9 Bloody Marys (and I’ll still have coupons for the flight home).

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meg said...

I love it...9 bloody marys....I would get some wine with that too.

Try to behave with my brother.