Wednesday, October 25, 2006

All the little chicks with the crimson lips…

When flying out West on Continental, I find myself routing myself through Cleveland often. The airport is clean, easy to navigate, and, as the crow flies, is pretty much on the way to the West.

Cleveland’s airport, however, is pretty deficient in terms of on-the-go food options. I had a chicken noodle soup for lunch that was simply terrible. Continental’s other hubs in Newark and Houston definitely provide better culinary establishments.

Often, I like throwing people for a loop. Years ago, during another Vegas trip, I realized I was going to a desert without a hat. I purchased a Cleveland Indians cap at the airport and solved my problem. I don’t care much for the Indians, but usually wear the hat when flying through Cleveland. People think I’m a local, I’d imagine. Not that being a Cleveland local is an aspiration of mine.

Just a side note - I was not a huge Drew Carey fan, but I did love their theme song (add CLEVELAND ROCKS, CLEVELAND ROCKS to the title of this post, and that's the chorus). I always thought Mimi was a dude in drag.

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meg said...

listen buster....cleveland is a cool city with many great restaurants. it is worthy of admiration!!!:)

but yeah, the food at the airport stinks.