Thursday, October 26, 2006

I withdraw my Cleveland comments

Just the ones about the efficiency of the airport.

Maybe it’s just bad luck, but I swear lately my flights back to Boston from Cleveland have all been delayed.

Today, pretty much every other flight was on time, except of course, for the one to Boston. The list of departures simply showed Boston in elegant yellow letters “DELAY.”

So after our 90 minute delay, we boarded, pushed back, taxied to the runway, then the air conditioning kind of turned off and the Captain came on the PA system – never a good sign when we’re still on the ground unless it’s his initial bienvenido a bordo – to let us know that we now had a 30 minute ground delay.

To top it off, we hit another ATC delay somewhere over Massachusetts, and circled for a half hour.

Then on the ground, someone at the toll booth two cars ahead of us decided to have a heart-to-heart long conversation with the booth attendant. Why can’t taxis get Fast Lane passes??

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