Tuesday, November 28, 2006

"Lattes, lofts invade mean streets of Southie"

As a resident of Airworld and Hotelland, my favorite newspaper is USA Today. I am saddened when I don't receive a copy outside my door at whatever hotel I have selected for that evening. My father even knows how much I like USA Today. When I'm visiting my parents, my father always picks up a copy for me along with their typical morning papers (he learned the hard way that they print one Fri/Sat/Sun edition, when one Saturday morning, he purchased a copy of the previous day's issue).

Yesterday, I happened across a copy of USA Today in the lobby of Hotel Commonwealth in Kenmore (which, by the way, is an excellent property with a really good restaurant called Eastern Standard). We have co-workers in town this week staying there, and I was waiting for them to appear from their rooms so we could get dinner.

The main A section was broken into two parts, and the front-page of the second A section had a story about Southie (where I live when not in Airworld). I thought the story was very well done, but the title of the story - "Lattes, lofts invade mean streets of Southie" is a bit dated. I have lived here since July 2003, and this process has been well underway since before then.

Nonetheless, it's great to see my neighborhood spotlighted in my favorite periodical!

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