Monday, November 27, 2006

94% of 4 year olds know this dude

My travel schedule has been very light lately, besides a few trips back and forth to visit family in New York. So, I don't exactly have a bounty of travel stories that have happened recently. In the absence of any immediate creativity describing the absurdity of business travel, I thought I would dip into the many travel photos of trips past.

I took this photo in the Schiphol airport outside Amssterdam. I found it odd that Ronald McDonald was sitting next to a map of the Hudson Valley, and that one of the cities with its name in large font was "New City," which is the town next to where I was raised (Valley Cottage), and the site of my first full-time job.

It's nice to see New York in lush, attractive green, and New Jersey in a less desirable brownish color. Posted by Picasa

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