Saturday, November 25, 2006

Armed For Battle

Never go to battle on the road without weapons.

I have added to my arsenal of technological road warrior weapons. For my birthday, my parents REALLY wanted to give me a GPS unit, and they went all out with the Garmin Nuvi 660, which is pretty sweet. Humorously, I found myself relying on the GPS directions to get me back to Boston from New York, a route I have driven an insane amount of times. Nothing like letting technology permit you to forget learned behaviors.

Unfortunately, it's just one more gadget for me to lose / have to charge / forget the charger for / scratch / or break. I have already managed to leave an mp3 player, an ipod, and a pair of Bose Noise-Canceling headphones on airplanes.


Anonymous said...

A GPS unit sounds like a great gift idea. Since I am directionally challenged and always get lost in LA I should get a GPS unit in my car.

Jason said...

I would be concerned that while you're looking at it, you would have yet another accident! lol.