Thursday, November 23, 2006

Generational divide

With each successive trip back to my parents' home (they still live in the only home I grew up in), I further witness their journey into AARP-land and away from where I reside in the upper reaches of the 18-34 demo.

While waiting to leave for dinner, my mother and I have enjoyed an episode of Who Wants To Be A Millionaire ("that's a real nice show") and The Nanny ("that show is funny"). Who knew they were both still on TV?

Soon to pass judgement, I just found myself laughing to a Nanny one-liner..."What's with the women's lib all of a sudden...when did you become Gloria Estefan?" Actually, I saw Gloria on The View this morning. And I was just sucked into a two minute commercial for the Bedazzler. My lord, I am becoming my mother.


fg18 said...

but bedazzling is cool!

Jason said...

The chick from the Apprentice who was into bedazzling was the spokesperson!