Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Move over Georgie

My friend FG (World of FG - she's listed on the blog listings to the right) turned me on to StatCounter, which reveals all sorts of odd stats about who reads this blog. I now have code for that and Google Analytics on my blog. Being a quantitative guy, examining both are addictive.

For example, in the month or so that I have been writing this, yesterday (Tuesday 11/21) was my 3rd highest traffic day so far. People really do love Dunkin Donuts.

Also, someone found my blog through the Google search "using some else's elite card to get upgrade." Shame, shame you cheater. You give the rest of us Airworld citizens a bad name. May your future be filled with middle seats, sold out regional jets, and airport Quality Inns.

My favorite, though, is the Google search for "guilty feet have." Those three words.

Somehow, this blog is the number one Google listing for the keyword search "guilty feet have."

Time can never mend the careless whisper of a good friend. To the heart and mind, ignorance is kind. There's no comfort in the truth...pain is all you'll find.

I swear, my musical taste has progressed. Sometimes, you just need to quote 80's lyrics.

1 comment:

FG18 said...

Hahahaha. It is the infamous folkgirl checking in. I love that statcounter. Someone found me once through a random disco title.

I will have to spice up my postings for your readers!!!

Happy Thanksgiving!!