Tuesday, November 21, 2006

America runs on it

I used the last of my coffee grounds yesterday morning and planned to hit up a Starbucks this morning for a freshly-ground pound of beans (plus the free cup of coffee that comes with it!)

Though I indeed went to Starbucks this morning for a cup of coffee, I did not buy a pound of beans.
Why? Because of Budget Car Rental.

When I first began traveling for work, I was under 25, and able to rent cars from Budget or Enterprise. Budget seemed to work for me, and their rewards program at the time was a nice added benefit.

Years later, I haven't had much of a reason to switch from Budget, and since I'm brand-loyal, I am still with them. Their rewards program has come and gone (though I have two nice and very functional pieces of Tumi luggage as a result).

Their free coffee promo lives on. I qualified last year and apparently did again this year (as evidence by the UPS slip stuck to my door yesterday saying they had a package from Dunkin Donuts for me).

Why am I so excited to receive two pounds of Dunkin Donuts coffee? Free first class ticket to London? Got it. 3 nights at a 5-star hotel in Dubrovnik. Yep. Free coffee? SWEET!

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