Monday, November 20, 2006

My Boston property tax

In light of our new property tax assessments here in Boston and the new multi-spot parking meters on Newbury Street that print fancy time-coded stickers (no more unexpectedly pleasant feelings upon parking at an "Out Of Order" meter that requires no feeding), I imagine the city of Boston's bank accounts will be filled with more dollars to repave many of our streets in Southie torn up by N-Star and Boston Water over a particularly awful 2006 road work season, where pretty much every street was being punished with varying degrees of destruction.

Perhaps they can also teach Boston Water to return to their repair sites and replace the blacktop they use in sidewalks with real concrete.

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adamg said...

Don't hold your breath on the Water and Sewer Commission. We got the same godawful asphalt when they had to tear up part of the sidewalk in front of our house - and it sat in a giant lump (bitch to shovel in the winter; dudes, couldn't you have at least tamped it down before it set?) for four years or so until this past summer when the city came and redid all the crappy sidewalk parts on our street.