Thursday, November 30, 2006

Elitist Jason slumming it on the T, Part 2

As previously stated, I'm a self admitting, city-dwelling driving snob.

I see the bus and the T as obviously critical elements of Boston's infrastructure. They're just not for me. Cramped, hot, recycled air, malodorous, and loud. Outbound Green B Line? Forget it - it's the BU campus shuttle.

For my last trip to the airport, I thought I would be adventurous and take the T. Truthfully, it was a personal trip, and I could not bill my cab fare. So cheap me drove to the streets near the Andrew Square T stop, parked my car nearby in residential parking (using The Club, of course, and keeping all valuables out-of-sight) and paid $1.25 for the Red Line to Silver Line journey.

I'm so used to the 25 minutes it takes from the moment I call for a cab to the moment I'm sitting at the gate that I just didn't budget enough time for my T adventure.

What saved me was one of those rare moments when both the Red Line train and Silver Line bus pulled up the moment I reach each respective platform - the wonderful confluence of T lines.

Unfortunately, such good fortune and impeccable timing exhibited by a public works project will not sway me. I'm still a city-dwelling driving snob.

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Jamen said...

If I'm going to read this Blog every day you need to start writing about something interesting.'s no longer your birthday month. AND...It's my HALF BIRTHDAY!