Saturday, December 02, 2006

Oh Haymarket, My Haymarket

OK my friend Jamen continues to yell at me that I don't write about my friends (well, specifically I don't write about him).

Unfortunately, this is another posting not about him.

I went to the North End this morning to buy some Torrone at Mike's Pastry. I thought it would be a nice bring-along to the numerous holiday parties I have this and next weekend. Their torrone is much harder that the kind I am used to, but I tasted some of it when I returned home, and it's very delicious.

I parked over on Canal St. because even at 9 AM, Hanover Street parking is impossible. Walking back, I detoured through Haymarket, which I hadn't done for quite some time. My most vivid memories of Haymarket are:
  • My friend Brian purchasing an entire box of limes for $2, and bringing it to Hennessey's on a rainy afternoon for an alcoholic warmup. We sat there, along with 4 other friends, surrounding a soggy carton containing many limes.

  • Spending $20 for an insanely huge amount of crudite vegetables for our First Fall Fiesta in Sept '01. We never had a Second Fall Fiesta for some reason.
Today, did not disappoint. I heard my fair share of inappropriate comments, but they came from patrons rather than the usual foul-mouthed vendors. One of my purchases was zucchini. I thought the 3 lbs. for $1 sign was 3 for $1. So now I own 10 zucchini. My solution is to make zucchini bread this afternoon for this evening's Christmas dinner.

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fg18 said...

LOL. I was there for both the limes and the fall fiesta. You forgot, we only needed TWO limes, but Brian bought a box...all to make guacamole...and then the avocados were icky....

but the drinking was good:)