Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Double-beat loaf

Back on the road - first overnight away from home for work in a few weeks...and I'm spending the night with my beloved parents in New York. I happened to mention yesterday that I had meetings nearby, and they laid the guilt on very thick when I told them that my plan was to drive down and back from Boston the same day ("You never visit" (untrue) "You visit like once a month" (I think that's untrue too).)

It's always an added plus when I happen to drop in on meatloaf night.
And...just to clarify...the title of this posting refers to a line from A Christmas Story.


Jamen said...

Tell mom I said hi. Were there any olives in the meatloaf???? LOL! Have safe travels my friend.

Jason said...

Olives in meatloaf? That's just not right.