Thursday, June 14, 2007

Way too hot and humid

During the local new this morning, they showed the 7 day forecast here in New Orleans. Highs above 89 and lows around 73, with chances of thundershowers every day. This combination of heat and humidity makes northeasterners like myself became sweaty and dripping messes.

I took a walk yesterday morning before my 2pm meeting, wearing a short-sleeved shirt and shorts, and creating massive amounts of perspiration. It was gross. I need to operate in air conditioning, with gentle ocean breezes and temperatures closer to where Boston is today - high 60's. Perhaps this is why my hotel rate is low - lower demand for rooms in the summer?

I have always preferred cold to hot - you can always add more clothes and layers, but you can only take so many off until you're less than decent.

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Jamen said...

Boston is the place to be dude! We miss you!