Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Neck Pillow

I just checked my calendar, and by the time I'm ready to leave for Italy on Friday night, it will have been 81 days since my last flight. I am truly not used to these huge gaps of time between visits to Airworld, and the irony is that Platinum Elite was conceived in an airport, meant to depict the lunacy of business travel.

Hard to do that when the job becomes more of a Boston endeavor (or getting to other nearby cities via car). I believe that will be changing once again come the fall and beyond, as our corporate team is growing, and I will be able to resume hitting the road and working on-site again.

So Friday marks my first overnight flight in quite some time (probably since Athens last year), and I should be switching my schedule to adjust for being super tired around 10pm. Rather, I'm up until 12:30 as usual. I bought a neck pillow at the outlets a couple weekends ago, so I'm going to be joining the legions of silly looking Airworldians who have probably been less weary than I, due to the added comfort. I thought of adding some NyQuil to the mix to knock me out.

But Friday also marks the end of Summer Lent, which means red wine. Is it bad to mix NyQuil and red wine at 35,000 feet after not having drunk in over a month?

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