Monday, October 29, 2007

For a change, it's not about the Yankees

I'm bowing out of Red Sox discussions for the next few weeks.

I behaved gracefully during the postseason while the Sox deservedly won it all and my underachieving team from New York continued spinning its wheels, the members of which attempted to steal media time from the Sox with the manager, A-Rod, and remaining free agent fiascoes.

For a change, it's not about the Yankees. It's about the Red Sox. It's Boston's time to shine.

Perhaps the Yanks should return to the blueprint of the late 90's - building a team organically with young talent, kind of like what the Sox look like now. That sounds like a decent plan that might bear fruit in a couple years.

So, I have a good five or six months before I have to think about the Yankees again, time away from them and the rivalry that I require for my sanity.

Congrats to the Sox and the fans.

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