Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Shorter commute

My usual 25 minute drive from Southie to Kenmore took just about 15 minutes today. I LOVED the lack of cards parked on Berkeley St. past Columbus, and the complete absence of double-parked large vehicles or road work (both common sights). I am used to having to play Spy Hunter during my drive in, weaving in and out of lanes, and smokescreening or oil slicking idiots behind me (fine, not really). I would, however, like those side wheel spikes that the bad guy car used to break out.

My vote is for a large parade every day if it shaves 40% of my commute time.

FYI - anyone reading this interested in checking out the parade from Kenmore, there is plenty of open metered parking on our street (Bay State Road), which is between Beacon and Storrow. Parking there now and remaining through the parade will likely elicit a parking ticket, but the penalty is probably not much more than parking in a lot. Just a handy tip.

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