Friday, October 26, 2007

I won a free facial

I have had a busy few days, and this weekend will be no exception with PodCamp at the BCEC, the World Series (fine...I'm watching it), and possibly something to celebrate Chris' birthday.

To recap:

1. Dinner and drinks Tuesday night at The Playwright with Bev, who happened to be in town this week and dropped me a last-minute email to see if we could catch up and see my Italy pics (yes, she actually wanted to see them all and loved them!!) A few Stoli and sodas seem to make 700+ pics fly by.

2. After Doug's invite-turn-uninvite to watch the game at his place (fine, he did get a ticket last-minute), I watched from home and played a 117 player $30+$3 buy-in poker tournament online. I finished 11th, and won back my $33 plus about 10 bucks. First place was over $1,000, so there was quite a rise in prize money within the Top 10. I played well, but not well enough. Still, that was the deepest I had made it in a field that large. I have won a number of 45-person tournaments. I still like the No-Limit cash games better.

3. Blogtoberfest last night at The Pour House was fun. It's nice to meet other bloggers, some of whom write blogs that I read regularly. The crowd was mixed with randoms like myself who say a whole lot about nothing (but people seem to enjoy reading it) to folks who make plenty of cash money from their blogs, or referral work from people who discover them through their blogs. Jenny did a great job organizing it!

4. I won a gift certificate for a facial at Viva Skin Care Center in Burlington. There was a free raffle at Blogtoberfest, and I figured my odds were good to win something given the amount of attendees (maybe 30-40?) and the amount of prizes (there were about 10 of them). I kind of played it off last night as "ha ha, I won a facial," but....I am shamelessly quite happy with my forthcoming buffing, moisturizing, or whatever happens during a facial.

5. The Go! Team at Paradise last night. Sold out show. I went with Karin and Debbie, and we watched from the balcony (which had plenty of room to stand and even room for more people...I'm assuming the fire code's definition of "sold out" is far less than what the venue would have liked to have stuffed inside). Great show - I was amazed that all of their music, much of which I thought were samples and crafted in recording studios, was actually people playing instruments and singing. For some reason, I did not have the image of a full band. Everyone in the group seemed to play instruments in a rotating order - 2 drummers, then all of a sudden one drummer is singing and the other is on guitar, and Ninja (the singer) is now on drums, wait the drummer is now playing a recorder, now one of those blow keyboards, wait is that a double-dutch chant?...that's The Go! Team.

6. I took the T home last night, and again took it to work. That in itself should not be an event, but for those who know me (either off line or solely through Platinum Elite), it's always an adventure. I almost forgot to get off at Park Street to transfer to the Green Line, and then on the Green Line train I stood next to crazy dancing guy.


eileen said...

Hey, nice meeting you at blogtoberfest last night. Enjoy your prize!

Me said...

Hey Skincare guy!

NO ONE was buying the "hahaha, I won a facial" act.

We can all tell that your metrosexual self already made the appointment.

Jealousy? PERHAPS.

Ulli (The Hungover one)

T Unit said...

I could have given you a facial. Where is Ryan?