Monday, December 03, 2007

A-Wreath-a Franklin

I'm totally immersed in the holidays after a bit of coaxing. Why not jump in head first? No toes in the water. Sing the songs. Drink the egg nog. Deck the halls. Dream of a White Christmas.

This is my first year in Boston with a tree, a 7 foot Home Depot special that makes my place smell great. Hopefully, later today, it will be fully trimmed.

And in a moment of sheer Martha Stewart-dom, I even made a wreath (named, of course, A-Wreath-a Franklin)! I think it turned out quite lovely.

At Home Depot, the tree was pre-bundled, but to shave a few inches off the bottom, they cut the trunk and lower branches and kept those cut lower branches within the bundle.

I'm not one to throw away discards, leftovers, or basically anything that can be re-used. Hence, my wreath.

How lovely are thy branches?

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