Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Another Southie Movie (yawn)

This weekend, I noticed a ton of trucks on E. 8th Street outside of the projects near Dorchester St.; I assumed yet another movie was filming in Southie. The dollys full of equipment and burly production dudes were other surefire giveaways.

I didn't give it much thought until this morning, when my drive to work took me a route that I don't usually traverse. Mass Ave seemed a bit hairy past Andrew Square, so I took a quick beeline up Dot Ave. to try Berkeley St. instead. I drove past my gym (Gold's Gym) which was transformed into "Zorella Gym," which seems more like a North Shore or, even more accurately, a Jersey Shore haunt.

I didn't see anybody famous (the light was green...no time to stare, but I did see a bunch of Boston cops standing around probably earning lots of overtime), but it seems that the movie is called Real Men Cry featuring Ethan Hawke, Mark Ruffalo, and Amanda Peet.

We seem to have a bunch of crime dramas coming to Southie. Hollywood, how about changing it up a bit? We're not all about working class gritty streets. I bet you can find a romantic feel-good comedy script that needs a backdrop of triple deckers. How about a woman scored movie in some of our new loft condos? A Disney High School Musical-esque teen flick about summers at Castle Island? Now there's a real money maker.

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