Wednesday, December 05, 2007

The ultimate drive to work

Since purchasing my Digital SLR camera a few months ago, I haven't used my 3 1/2 year old Sony Cybershot camera all that much, even though it's advantages of being super small and relatively powerful (5 MegaPixels) lend to throwing it in my pocket when I'm leaving for the day.

Now that we're well into coat weather here in Boston, I have more pockets to carry stuff. This morning, I decided to carry my camera with me to document some relatively interesting components of my day, and not worry about staging a full-out DSLR photo shoot. Point, click, done.

Usually, somebody along my drive to work irritates me for double-parking, blocking an intersection, or simply being a general prick. Forget pedestrians - my sworn enemy while driving.

Nonetheless, today's drive was uneventful for one main reason - my amazing good fortune.

This has never happened before, but I drove from the Berkeley St. I-93 underpass at the Southie / South End border, all the way to this intersection - Charlesgate & Comm Ave - without hitting a single red light. I'm still amazed. The lights on both Berkeley and Comm Ave must be in sync quite well, and I must have hit all of them at the exact perfect time. No idiots walked out in front of me, no buses impeded my lane, no delivery trucks blocked two full lanes of traffic (one on each side - it happens too much), and the FedEx truck army from Southie didn't stop my progress.
Blue skies smiling at me today!

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