Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Rise Up, Southie!


When you're placing your parking spot marker directly onto the blacktop, it's time to stop marking your spot.

I walked back from the Andrew Square T Stop today after work, and passed a mixture of unmarked and marked spots.

It's time to let it go.

Sure we still have iceberg snow mounds and many sidewalks still caked with ice.

But you can't save your spot forever.

Bring in your plastic lawn chairs. Use them for their intended purposes - sitting. Invite someone over for a couple beers and some chili. Tell your friend that your lawn chairs are now back inside your apartment, and that you have plenty of seating once again. Watch, your buddies will show up.

So, I declare - RISE UP, SOUTHIE! It's time for a parking reset.

Move your parking cone, go to work, and don't mark your spot. When you return, park in a different unmarked spot. Others will follow your lead and my example: I hopped in my car - parked on a street along my walk home - and moved it into another unmarked spot.


Please spread the word. Hallelujah.

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