Monday, January 07, 2008

Garbage on the Streets of Southie

Here's my dilemma.

I would love to grumble about all of the trash, sand and chocolate cakes (no joke) I see on the streets of Southie during my dog walks.

But I realize that extending street cleaning beyond the April 1st - November 30th period (as posted on local signs) requires money, which will, therefore, raise my taxes.

And I'm not convinced that if I paid more in taxes, it would be used for a) year-round street cleaning, or b) actual improvement in the quantity of trash not left laying around.

There's just a ton of crap on the streets and in the gutter these days, and I'm kind of tired of seeing it.

If it's not an empty egg carton, it's losing lottery tickets.

If it's not a Bud Light 12-pack cardboard case, it's improperly disposed full poop bags.

If it's not a couple empty Omaha Steaks boxes, it's a plastic milk jug.

Piles of sand.

Dead Christmas trees.

Doggie remains, just left there by pet owners.

Who is responsible for improving this? More diligent residents? A year-round city street cleaning system? Better (i.e. more complete) garbage pickup by the sanitation department?

Walking in Southie is not pleasant during this time of year, especially with a curious dog who loves sniffing everything.


bendo said...

Well if it makes you feel better, it's not just Southie, it's disgusting throughout the city...
I guess this is pretty much what happens when the snow melts in the middle of winter and there's no street cleaning for months. The only way for improvement I think is, as you suggest, more diligent residents.

Trash in the streets after trash day year round is bad. And in wintertime its exponentially worse.

Not Whitey Bulger said...

Set an example with a broom and a pail. Maybe others will follow you.

Anonymous said...

"I like my eggs with salsa, my iced tea unsweetened (with lemon), and my hot dogs with ketchup and sauerkraut."

I don't this this douche-bag knows what a broom and pail is.

If you don't like it...move!
It's the city, cities are dirty.

eileen said...

Even thoug it's a pain to move my car for street cleaning, it certainly does keep the the streets cleaner. I always notice a lot more trash in the winter. I think another problem is the wind- obviously, there are litterbugs, but trash does get blown around when people put it on the curb for trash day.

Ryan said...

It's kind of funny how easy it is for anonymous people to leave comments without so much as a name. Grow a pair and at least show some kind of maturity...DOUCHEBAG!!

Anonymous said...

how about all you yuppies with puppies that think your fooling everyone by picking up your dog crap and then throwing it in the gutter?
or the yuppy losers that don't even pick up after there dogs?
how's that for maturity?

Jason said...

Hi Anonymous,

1. I do my share by always picking up my dog's poop in blue bags, and disposing of them properly. I agree with you that those who don't pick up after their dogs are losers. You are, however, implying that I am one of them, to which I take offense.

2. How about breaking out those 6th grade textbooks and re-learning the proper usage of words such as "your" and "there?" I believe the correct words that you are seeking would be "you're" and "their." Please try ranting with grammatically correct phrases.

Anonymous said...

New York...let's clean up New York.