Thursday, January 24, 2008

I'm going to the Super Bowl

Somehow, I'm going to the Super Bowl.

I got the call last night, asking if I wanted to accompany my cousin Kyle to the game. I don't know the full back story, but it appears that my extended family have the rights to two tickets given the longevity of their Giants season tickets.

No idea where the seats will be, but as long as they are inside the stadium, it doesn't matter!

My uncles, who normally go to the games at The Meadowlands, are not going to Glendale. One of their sons (my cousin), however is going. My other uncle's sons passed on the other ticket, and it appears that I am next in line.

It certainly doesn't hurt that my cousin goes to Bentley College, is of legal drinking age, and that we can simply travel together out of Logan.

So for much of last night after 10pm, I scrambled to book travel. Quite amazingly, I was able to use frequent flier miles and hotel points to cover everything for both of us. I still can't believe I was able to swing that, since hotels around and airfares to Phoenix for Super Bowl weekend are understandably absurd. It would have been gut-wrenching to stomach $500 a night for a crappy Ramada Inn.

It has been a surreal month for me in regards to watching football. Add one more to that pile.

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