Wednesday, January 30, 2008

New albums - Matt Costa and Shelby Lynne

I haven't posted about new music much lately, probably because I have almost completely adjusted my buying patterns away from full albums, and toward a la carte songs that are the new way music is being consumed these days.

Purchasing a CD always felt like a commitment - spending money on a tangible item that you had to physically load into a player to hear. With itunes, now it's all point and click, nothing to hold and touch. Imagine having a list of grocery store items, pointing and clicking on whatever you want, and having those exact items appear in your kitchen seconds later (actually, that would rock).

What I love about picking and choosing only the songs that I want, is how much this process has diminished the amount of crap CD's I have. Gone are the days of buying a whole CD for a couple tracks, not listening to any of the other songs, and realizing that the only two good ones were the ones you knew.

Along that line, now when I do download a full album, it's almost never a regret any more. Combining that with some new releases that I have been anticipating, and the overall music purchasing process is now highly efficient.

I downloaded a couple full new release albums this week, and pre-ordered another one (Jack Johnson) that's coming out next week. I realize that defeats the purpose of previewing tracks, but I have loved everything Jack has released.

First off - new Matt Costa album. I threw all of the tracks into my active ipod playlist, which I have found is one of the best ways to become familiar with them....letting them simply come up along side the rest of what I'm currently listening to. I did the same thing with Matt's last CD "Songs We Sing," which I warmed up to over the course of a few weeks and then realized that it was one of my favorite releases of 2006. "Unfamiliar Faces" is more of the same sound, so I'm into it.

The other album I downloaded is Shelby Lynne's new one. She is one of my favorites, hands down. What a voice - blues, heartache, and emotion in every song. Branded conveniently and inaccurately as a country singer, Shelby's songs have absolutely no twang or Nashville. I literally just downloaded it before bed last night, but the little that I heard is perfect. It doesn't hurt that nine of the tracks are Dusty Springfield covers.

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Anonymous said...

Matt Costa is amazing. He will be touring with Johnathan Rice who is even better. Further North was one of the best albums of 2007. if you dig matt, you will def dig the soulful sound of Johnathan Rice.