Wednesday, February 27, 2008


Basilico, originally uploaded by southiejason.

I thought I was in the clear this flu season, but I seem to have caught some type of minor irritant. Nothing flu-like, but what started with a throat tickle last Friday night has turned into some congestion, some coughs here and there, and simply general blah-ness.

I have been sucking on throat drops for the past few days, and have enjoyed blissful sleep induced by the miracle drug, Ny-Quil.

I'm ready for the cold season to be over, and for the Spring to come.

Last weekend, I decided to print some of my photos for the frames I had purchased a while back. They were still sitting in their boxes almost a year later.

One of the photos that I framed was this one - a close-up of some of the sweet basil I was growing on my deck last Summer. I love using a shallow depth-of-field to emphasize the foreground and blur the background.

This reminds me of warmer weather, sitting on my deck, and taking in fresh air that wasn't 20 degrees or filled with sleet.


Jamen said...

Wow this really is a great picture Jason. When I get my new place will you make me some art to hang on my walls. I want original Jason photos. :)

r. said...

and I want you to water your darn basil!