Friday, February 29, 2008

Fenway Seats

Fenway Seats, originally uploaded by southiejason.

Believe it or not, last night, I had dinner with an old co-worker from my former California office who, up until about a year ago, had never heard of Fenway Park.

I know that doesn't make sense. Even I, an admitted Yankees fan (who would probably be as irritated about having my college graduation ceremony at Fenway as Red Sox fans would having theirs at Yankee Stadium) understand why Fenway Park is such hallowed ground, and that it should permeate the ignorance of non-sports fans.

I wouldn't expect the casual American to know where places like Jacobs Field (Cleveland), or Camden Yards (Baltimore) are.

But Fenway? Really?


So, I picked her up at her hotel last night - The Westin Waterfront (remarkably close to my part of Southie...) and gave her a quick driving tour of The Waterfront, The North End, Faneuil Hall / Government Center, Beacon Hill, Back Bay, Kenmore, a drive across and back on the Mass Ave bridge (driving from Cambridge back into Boston being my favorite nighttime view of the city), The South End, and (after dinner) my part of Southie.

Approaching Kenmore, I pointed out the CITGO Sign (she had never heard of it).

Then, at Fenway, I drove down Landsdowne Street and mentioned that we were behind the Green Monster (she had never heard of it).

It just goes to show, what is something tantamount to breathing for many around here, isn't even on the radar of others.

I admit that this is likely a rare case of someone simply having no connection whatsoever with Boston landmarks and sports.

So, I did my part - if nothing else, I wanted her to realize that Boston was much more than the empty, windy streets outside of the Westin Waterfront and BCEC.

And that Fenway Park actually did exist.

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Stacey said...

Well done. :) I always wonder what kind of impression people get of the city if they end up around the waterfront on in the 'burbs.

And thanks for being a Yankees fan who can still call Fenway "hallowed ground." :)