Saturday, March 01, 2008

Rosie After the Beauty Parlor

This morning, Rosie had an appointment at Snippers Hair Club on Dot Ave. in Southie. Susan and her team did such a great job on Rosie - so much so that Rosie insisted she have a photo shoot when she came home!

I understand that she behaved quite well for everyone at Snippers, and didn't put up a fuss in the bathtub like I thought she might.

It's been about four months since Rosie moved in here, and she hadn't been groomed during that entire time (besides regular brushings), so it was time. Thankfully, her breed doesn't tend to get much of a "dog smell," even after a long time between baths. But today, she definitely looks fluffier and more radiant than usual (her coat is naturally quite soft and glowing).

All for $35 - certainly worth the trip!


Janice Harms said...

Rosie looks beautiful and she knows it.

T Unit said...

Your baby girl is pretty!