Monday, February 25, 2008

Behind the Seattle Public Market / Pike Place

I have been sitting on a free roundtrip ticket on JetBlue for almost a year. I know that because the ticket is about to expire next month.

At game night on Saturday, I happened to mention this, and that I just couldn't figure out where (or if) to go. I happened to mention Seattle as an option. Brian reminded me that I could link up with Mort & Alanna, our former Boston friends who moved there after we all traveled to Croatia together in 2005.

Good idea (although I have since found out that they will be skiing in Tahoe that weekend - bummer). I loved my last (and only) trip to the Pacific Northwest in 2004. Great photo ops, food, and day trips to fun outdoorsy places (i.e. Mount Rainier, Olympic National Forest, Bainbridge Island). I love this shot behind the sign to the Pike Place Market. Yes, I'm wearing a driver's cap.

Behind the Public Market, originally uploaded by southiejason.

JetBlue had a perfect flight schedule, leaving after work on Friday, and returning Sunday night/Monday morning on a redeye.

So, I'm headed to Seattle in a couple of weeks.

I love last minute trips!

Jamen mentioned that he could watch Rosie for the weekend, which I definitely appreciate. I will be sure to keep the fridge well-stocked with plenty of beer, just as I did for Ryan when I left for the Super Bowl.

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r. said...

I love last minute jaunts too! It has been wayyyy toooo long! Hope you have a great time and wish I was going with ya!