Sunday, February 24, 2008

Sore Throat and Game Night

I haven't posted here in a few days - probably the combination of not having all that much new to say, a minor sore throat, and just a bit of general lethargy....another snow storm, and more unnecessary Southie parking battles, pretty much a Groundhog Day week.

I left work early on Friday, in anticipation of the snow storm, and had a super productive day working from my kitchen table. It reminded me of working from home at my old job (which I did all the time when I wasn't in Airworld).

I was going to cook a lamb roast today, but I was just invited to an early dinner with some friends. I might still roast the lamb and eat it for dinner and lunch during the week. Lately, most of my Sunday meals have been large enough for days and days of leftovers, and anyone who knows me well is aware of my cheerful willingness to consumer leftovers.

Last night was game night at Phil's (once again). It was become a running joke that I keep saying that I'm going to host the next game night, but never seem to step up and organize one. I am sensing that I'm going to become uninvited to game nights unless I actually host, so I already tentatively scheduled he next one for late March. I'm assuming Guitar Hero III will be a minor part of Game Night, but we usually stick to board games that work well in party settings (last night was Balderdash - and I played better than the last time. Kelly was the winner by a mile).

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