Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Lunar Eclipse

Lunar Eclipse, originally uploaded by southiejason.

Scene 1 - "Mrs. Obvious meets Captain Redundant"

Setting - Southie (Boston MA, USA, Earth)

Jason: (silent, with Rosie the Wonder Dog, staring up at the lunar eclipse)

Random Lady: "Hey, do you see the eclipse?"

Jason: "Yeah"

Random Lady: "We should all sing 'Total Eclipse of the Haaaaat' together"

Jason: "Yeah. In unison"



Anonymous said...

adamg said...

Nice photos and background - buy that lady a beah!

Janice Harms said...

Great picture! I sat in my backyard in Texas (by the pool) and watched the eclipse. It was a cool night, but not cold, and not cloudy like last night.