Saturday, February 02, 2008

Super Bowl Saturday in Scottsdale

Our hotel in Tempe is quite convenient to Scottsdale, where we spent most of this afternoon. Most of the shops in Scottsdale were either art galleries or de factor souvenir shops, filled with Super Bowl paraphernalia.

Part of why we ventured into Scottsdale today was for the WEEI Patriots block party, to which I was given free tickets. Even though I'm technically on the Giants side this weekend, it's difficult to pass up freebies, especially when they were charging $200 a pop.

I thought this was a great shot - three dudes in three different Tom Brady jerseys. We also saw a few Giselle jerseys (number 00).

ESPN is featured quite prominently in Scottsdale this weekend, as they broadcast a number of SportsCenters live from one of the main squares there.

Thanks to my 300mm zoom lens, I took a few close-ups of Emmitt Smith (here sticking his tongue out, alongside Trey Wingo).

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