Saturday, February 02, 2008

We Made It to Phoenix - Plan A worked

Well, we made it to Phoenix after a long delay at Logan. We had something working in our favor, and this had never happened to me before. Our Boston to Cleveland flight arrived two hours late, and the connecting flight to Phoenix had been held up, awaiting us – 18 of the 50 or so passengers were connecting to Phoenix.

I think Continental evaluated the options – leave 18 Super Bowl bound customers stranded in Cleveland, scrambling to put them onto flights the following day (most of which were likely full or overbooked), or hold the plane. They held the plane.

While the Cleveland to Phoenix flight was also delayed, by the time we arrived on the plane, everybody else had boarded and were waiting for us. The Boston flight. They were likely thrilled, especially the Giants fans.

My uncle called me while we were walking down the center aisle on the plane, asking our whereabouts. As I explained to him that we were boarding the flight to Phoenix, and mentioned the reasons for the delays, I had already-seated passengers in the background chiming in about their displeasure sitting and waiting for us – the Boston flight. One told me (kiddingly, I think) that we owed him drinks.

Another was seated in my assigned seat 31D, who informed me that he was already settled and not about to move for me, even though I had that seat assigned. They were moving folks around to correctly weight-balance the plane, so I’m guessing more people were in seats that weren’t supposed to be theirs. I’m assuming this dude had a middle seat in the front, and jumped at the opportunity for an aisle when they asked for volunteers. Either way, he was a prick about it. No big deal, we took the two seats in row 30.

Later I saw him reading a NY Daily News. I knew it. Typical douche from New York.

We checked in to our hotel is Tempe, and I didn't realize how close we were to the campus of ASU (Arizona State) until we drove into downtown to find some food. The place was hopping, tons of bars and retailers, and a stone's throw from Sun Devil Stadium (NOT where the Super Bowl is being played....that's in Glendale).

Today, we're heading into Scottsdale for a couple block parties. It should be able 60-65 degrees today, so not summer weather, but certainly nicer than Boston this weekend!

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