Friday, February 15, 2008

Interview with Ben from Lost on WBCN

Lost is officially amazing once again. It no longer flounders as just another show on my DVR list - I watch it the same night it's recorded each week.

When I hopped in my car this morning to drive to work, I realized that 104.1 WBCN was the station I had last listened to when I returned home last night. I don't often listen to Opie & Anthony beyond flipping through on occasion, but this morning, I quickly realized that they were discussing Lost with someone who sounded suspiciously like the character Ben (the leader of The Others). It turns out it was indeed him live in the studio.

THIS is good radio -relevant, unique, and topical. It's not a faceless music format. It's what stations should strive to be in 2008. It's nothing I could have heard on CD or on my ipod this morning (sure, I suppose I could have downloaded a Lost podcast recapping last night's episode...if one has already been uploaded...but nothing with one of the main actors giving an interview with the context of last night's cliffhanger).

While one caveat to such programming would be excluding listeners who don't watch Lost, I would imagine that the demographics of the show match those of O&A's audience well, and that those listeners entirely captivated (like myself) would balance those who flipped to other stations.

Regardless, it sucked me in for the entire drive. I didn't touch the dial once.


The Fuz said...

Perhaps some info on what was said for your fellow Lost fans???

And for day after Lost fun, peruse LostPedia ( for some insider detailed case you don't already!

Anonymous said...

You work in braodcasting and you want to censor me?!
I will not be censored!

Jason said...

Ben mentioned that he knows the events of the next few episodes, which have already been filmed, but could not reveal much.

He said that some characters who we thought we saw the last of will be returning.

Also, they film on Oahu for nine months every year, and even the flashback and flashforward scenes (like the one in Berlin with snow on the ground) were filmed in downtown Honolulu