Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Portland Lighthouse

Portland Lighthouse, originally uploaded by southiejason.

February temperatures always catch me by surprise...for some reason, EVERY February, I think we're moving into Spring, yet arctic fronts like the ones we're currently experiencing here in Boston catch me off guard. I should know better.

Nonetheless, last February - actually almost one year ago today - I spent a weekend in Portland, Maine with a friend. I had a free Hilton hotel night that was going to expire, and figured an overnight in a nearby city was a good way to spend it. Hit up the outlets in Freeport and York, grab a nice dinner, take some photos, and my favorite part - stopping at the NH State Liquor store on the way back.

Southern and Coastal Maine are not much colder than Boston, but thermometers are generally a few ticks lower. While we were fortunate to have beautiful sunny skies, it was cold.

I forget where I found this lighthouse, but I thought the shot of it on the rocky coastline captured an icon of New England quite well.

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