Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Cupcake Cake

Saturday was dinner at Brian & Kelly's. and for some reason, I had the idea to bring a cupcake-covered cake to complement their delicious French-inspired cuisine. Middle America meets Parisian gastronomy.

It was my idea, but Ryan did all of the work and decorating. I simply mixed the colors.

Naturally, when one was two boxes of cake mix prepared in the form of a double-layered cake and two dozen cupcakes frosted in pastel colors, one must break out the camera and throw down some close-ups.

Rosie knew what was going on....refined sugar on the counter within nose shot.

"Let me get a closer sniff at that. Yep, sugar." (This photo may or may not have been staged).
I still have cupcakes left. If I don't toss them, they are all going to end up in my belly, a place they don't need to be.


The Fuz said...

You should bring them to work...make everyone else eat them! Maybe you could also make cupcakes for the 19th? You know, so I could eat one.

Anonymous said...

Send them to me. I am jealous. Now, if John would make cupcakes, I would be a happy man.
They look tasty!