Sunday, March 30, 2008

Props to Bostonist, Bad Luck Ensues

It appears that I'm one of Bostonist's "favorite local bloggers."

Awww...geez...thanks guys.

Mad love back atcha.

However, in a terrible stroke of bad mouse-positioning, as I was posting this, I was also playing in a poker tournament online (and had been doing so for about 2 was a low buy-in, but had a large prize pool, and I was somewhere just below the average stack size).

Well as I hit the mouse button to upload the Bostonist logo, the tournament window popped back onto my screen and became the active one. Exactly where the "upload image" button was positioned was also exactly where the "raise all-in" button was.

So, yep, I'm now sitting all in with K-7 hearts, having inadvertently re-raised someone all-in, and I am now all-in myself. The Gods of bad fortune continued to pummel me, as someone else went all-in, and the original raiser called.


Needless to say, I didn't win the hand.

And I think I learned a lesson in multi-tasking.

But, I will keep reading Bostonist. You owe me a couple beers.

1 comment:

Caroline said...

Oh, no! I think we might owe you beers! Thank you for keeping on reading us, although we gave you a poker problem. Multi-tasking and blogging is indeed dangerous--I have a list of errors too numerous to count from similar activities, though none involving poker.